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How much do you love your loved ones? Could you save them?

12 May

Two very different but similar articles caught my attention in the daily news feeds. Two stories of compassion, caring and courage. Two instances where valiant efforts were made to save a life. Where the stories diverge was in the relationships between the rescuer and the victim. In the first story CPR was attempted on the victim of a car accident. The would-be rescuer clearly was distraught and trying to help their beloved companion, instinctively using CPR to get the victim’s heart beating again. In the second story three teenagers witnessed a woman drowning, a stranger. Heedless to the lack of a ‘relationship’ with the victim, they leapt selflessly into the water, pulled the victim to safety and began CPR. In the first case the CPR was clearly untrained, a desperate attempt to revive a loved one. In the second, trained CPR may have saved the stranger’s life.

The big difference? In the first story it was a cat, in the second, people. I believe that we all possess an innate desire to help those that we love. I believe that most people would help a stranger in distress if they had the tools, the knowledge. Do you have the tools? Do you know CPR? Do you love your loved ones as much as the cat loved it’s companion? If a cat can try, so can you – get certified in CPR.