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Could you be a Good Samaritan?

3 Feb

I love stories where ‘ordinary’ people are inspired to bring a positive change to their environment. Laura Van Straaten saw someone performing CPR on a stranger in her neighborhood last winter and decided she should learn CPR so that if the time came, she could be a Good Samaritan (someone who helps a stranger in need). Good for her! But then she took it to the next level and approached New York Sports Clubs and they generously agreed to offer hour-long CPR classes in their gyms, taught for free by members of the brave professionals at the New York Fire Department. Thanks to one person’s idea, New York is a safer place to be for everyone. Wouldn’t it be great if you could marshall the resources in your town or city to do the same?

For more information, check the story at: http://www.ny1.com/6-bronx-news-content/features/112905/-i-nyer-of-the-week—i–cpr-enthusiast-helps-others-learn-how-to-save-lives