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Water, Water everywhere….

13 Jan

Water is everywhere. It is a source of life – only oxygen is a more immediate physical need. Water is a central theme in all of the world’s religions for its cleansing, purifying and life-giving properties. Ancient cultures around the world have deified gods associated with water and appeased and worshiped them. Water is the source of battles – from the ongoing conflict over the Colorado River to the development of the Panama and Suez Canals. And what will happen to the region when Yemen runs out of water? How about all those archipelago nations with the ocean lapping ever higher at their doorsteps?

We can’t live with too much, we can’t live with too little. Just as with any other healthy relationship, we need a balance.

For thousands of years water has been revered, feared, fought over, but most of all, respected. So how have we lost our connection with water? Why have we dumped it into the large and controversial bucket of ‘natural resources’? That’s kind of like saying the sun is just an exploitable source of light. Yes, water is a natural resource. Coal and timber are natural resources, but they do not have an elemental force beyond human control, water does. Does the word ‘tsunami’ mean anything to you?

I’m voting to have water elevated back to the status it deserves – a fundamental life source. A powerful force of nature. A source of healing. A source of cleansing. A source of health. A source of joy.

Water is not our enemy. It’s our life.