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Mr. Rogers had it right.

17 Feb

Children are not small adults. Children do not have the emotional development that adults possess. (Well, some possess more, but that’s another story.) Children are continuing to develop at a rate that boggles the mind, that boggles their own small mind. And ‘children’ means birth through age 19, sometimes even 21, until the brain and the body have stopped their tumultuous and rapid changes.

Water can help that development. I’m going to be doing a series of blogs on the ways water positively helps children’s development – all children – disabled, autistic, gifted, ‘average’ (though I believe all children have exceptional, unique gifts – they just might look different).

Mr. Rogers had it right 42 years ago. He understood children. He understood how to reach children positively. I think we all need to listen to Mr. Rogers one more time. Oh yes, relax and remember what it was like watching Mr. Rogers – he speaks slowly and deliberately – almost jarring to our modern-day bombardment of information – but Mr. Rogers knew about that as well.