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What are you afraid of?

6 Oct

I have a theory.

Fear paralyzes.  Hope mobilizes.

What are you afraid of? Is it holding you back? Fear has been used effectively for centuries, mostly to control people – fear of differences, fear of attack, fear of the unknown, fear of the known. But does fear do anything productive? Does anything good ever result from fear?

Caution – yes. Fear – I don’t think so.

Fear paralyzes.
Adults who are afraid of water pass that on to their children.
Children who do not know how to have fun in the water safely are at greater risk for drowning.

Hope mobilizes.
Children who learn how to have fun safely feel empowered and are safer. They understand water needs to be treated with caution and respect, but not feared.

What are you afraid of? Will you let it paralyze you or will you be mobilized by hope and move forward confidently?