If they are in the water, why are they ‘Climbing the Ladder’?

12 Jul

There has been amazing response across the internet to Mario Vittone’s article on how to tell if someone is drowning.   Bottom line, no waving of arms, no screaming and it’s fast.  If you missed it, here’s the link again.  http://gcaptain.com/maritime/blog/drowning/

As a result of my last blog on the subject, I heard from a colleague in Australia, Jonathan, who has been a great source of information on water safety.  Jonathan told me that lifesavers in Australia are taught to look for someone ‘Climbing the Ladder’  What an amazingly simple message to identify someone who is drowning!  Three simple words that evoke a powerful visual image we can all relate to.  Vertical in the water, moving their hands up and down, not a lot of kicking.  I’d love for everyone to know the phrase ‘Climbing the Ladder’.   Know that if you see someone in the water ‘Climbing the Ladder’, they are drowning and need help – would you help me pass the word?


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