At what age should you start your kids in swimming lessons?

11 Dec

When do most parents sign their kids up for swimming lesson? I don’t have any stats, but I’m guessing it’s school-age, the rites of summer when parents are thinking about heading for the pool and the beach. Problem is, drowning is the 2nd leading cause of death in ALL children ages 0-14, not just school age. The best time to start children swimming is as infants or young toddlers and winter is a great time to head for an indoor pool and burn off some energy. Some parents are afraid that it will make their kids too confident in the water, but I know for mine I wanted them to understand clearly the cause-and-effect of jumping in (supervised, of course) – you jump, you sink. Before you all start panicking, the jumping was part of games designed to teach water safety, build confidence in the water, and help them develop a healthy respect for the water – and it worked. For me it was instinct, survival (we had a pool) and watching my aunt teach thousands of toddlers in LA that got me into the pool with my kids from 6 months onwards. Now, for the first time, a research group led by Dr. Ruth A. Brenner shows that “from our calculations, we are confident that swimming lessons do not increase drowning risk in this age group and likely have a protective effect.” For more information, check out the following blog.



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  1. Swati Bharteey December 15, 2009 at 7:49 pm #

    I’ve seens ads for classes that teach their kids to float as infants – I thnk it’s such a smart idea. My daughter mastered swimming last year at age 7…and I am not someone who feel confident in the water so I was really focused on getting her comfortable as early as possible. We started when she was 3.

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